Shelley A. Hartman, Chief Executive Officer

Shelley Hartman joined Aegle Therapeutics in August of 2014 during which time she served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Prior to Aegle, Ms. Hartman served for nine years as CEO of LifeSync Corporation, a start-up medical device company developing and marketing wireless medical technology to hospital customers. LifeSync was spun-off from LifeSync Holdings (f/k/a GMP Companies, Inc.), a development company focused on biopharmaceutical and medical device product development. Prior to LifeSync, Ms. Hartman served for more than 18 years in the investment banking industry, most recently as Managing Director in the Healthcare Department of the Investment Banking Division at Goldman, Sachs & Co. Ms. Hartman currently serves as Chairman of LifeSync Holdings, Inc. and as a member of the Advisory Council for Zenith Education Group.

Evangelos V. Badiavas, Ph.D., M.D. Inventor, Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Aegle’s research team is headed by Dr. Badiavas—a board certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist—whose research has been focused on wound healing, bone marrow, stem cells, bioengineered skin, dermatology, and translational research for more than 30 years. Dr. Badiavas was among the first to describe the trafficking and engraftment of bone marrow cells to wounded skin, and the restoration of skin structures by bone marrow stem cells. He has been the principal investigator on protocols delivering stem cells to wounds for more than 15 years and was the first to describe the delivery of bone marrow stem cells to chronic wounds in humans. Dr. Badiavas has been awarded three IND’s by the FDA for the delivery of stem cells to patients. Having worked in this area for years, he is well versed in all recent regulatory aspects of cell-based therapeutics. His expertise in bone marrow stem cells began as a graduate student in 1982 when he worked on erythroid progenitors under the direction of Alan Erslev, Jaimie Caro and Hideko Kaji. Since then, Dr. Badiavas has completed his PhD, postdoctoral training, medical school, dermatology residency, and dermatopathology fellowship.. He is a practicing dermatologist and dermatolopathologist with more than 20 years experience with particular interests in the histologic evaluation of wounds. He has been working with bioengineered skin materials for more than 25 years and has described several key histological features associated with the application of these materials to patients. Dr. Badiavas has also published and presented his findings in several preclinical studies for wounds including rodent and pig models. He has served as a consultant, NIH study section member, and moderator for wound based and stem cell projects. Dr. Badiavas has an extensive and diverse history of close collaboration with several highly regarded stem cell, bone marrow, and wound healing investigators. His unique training and experience allows him to comfortably move between these sometimes-distinct fields.

Ian McNiece, Vice President Research and Development

Dr. McNiece joined Aegle in 2017 as Vice President Research and Development and is responsible for the Manufacturing, Regulatory and Development efforts of the company.

Dr. McNiece has spent over 25 years researching stem cell biology and in particular control of proliferation and differentiation of stem cells by growth factors and stromal cells. Much of his work has focused on aspects of stem cells in clinical marrow and stem cell transplantation, and regenerative medicine leading to translation to clinical trials. Dr. McNiece has extensive experience interacting with the FDA and has supported IND filings for more than 20 clinical trials.

Dr. McNiece received his Ph.D. in physiology in 1986 from the University of Melbourne, undertook his thesis work at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute and completed his postdoctoral fellow at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. Dr. McNiece joined Amgen in 1986 and was involved in product development for a range of products including Filgrastim, Neulasta and Stemgen, while leading the development of cellular therapies. From Amgen he moved to the University of Colorado Health Science Center as a Director of Research for the Bone Marrow Transplant Program and Director of the Stem Cell Biology Program. In 2003 he joined Johns Hopkins School of Medicine as Professor of Oncology and Director of the Graft Engineering Laboratory in the Cancer Center and was subsequently appointed to the position of Director of the Hopkins Division of Biomedical Sciences in Singapore. In 2007 he was recruited by the University of Miami to become Professor of Medicine and Director of the Experimental and Clinical Cell Based Therapies Program in the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute. At Miami his research focused on the use of stem cells for repair of cardiac tissue including the manufacture of MSCs for clinical trials. In 2012 he left Miami to join MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas as Professor of Medicine and Director of the Cellular Therapy Laboratories (CTL). The CTL processes stem cell products for over 800 transplants a year and supports more than 15 phase I through phase 3 clinical trials of cellular and immunotherapies.

Robert Williamson, Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Bob Williamson helped found Aegle in 2013. During his career he started, funded, managed, and/or was a director of over a dozen new companies ranging from the most esoteric medical technologies to industrial valves. He founded venture capital funded Data Net Corporation and was the CFO of Equinox Systems (NASDAQ-EQNX) where he managed its successful purchase by Avocent Corporation. He has served on numerous non-profit boards and currently is a director and treasurer of the St. Martha Concert® series. He has a BS-Engineering and MBA from Stanford.