Extracellular Vesicles Therapy

Aegle Therapeutics’ clinicians and scientists have been conducting research using stem cells and stem cell therapy for over 20 years. Burn and chronic wound patients treated under two INDs have experienced accelerated healing, no scarring, total wound closure and tissue regeneration when using MSCs as therapy. As a result of their extensive stem cell research, our scientists discovered that extracellular vesicles (“EVs”) secreted by adult human mesenchymal stem cells (“MSCs”) function as the paracrine wound healing mediators of stem cells. EVs are fragments of plasma membrane encapsulated material secreted by many, if not all, cell types and are present in biological fluids such as bone marrow, blood, adipose tissue and urine. Extracellular vesicles express membrane proteins and contain RNA, DNA, peptides, proteins and metabolites from their host cell of origin. Like stem cells, extracellular vesicles stimulate and enhance neuronal regeneration, cellular proliferation, cellular migration, and functional regeneration and organization of complex tissue structures. However, extracellular vesicles are not cells and will not proliferate or engraft, making them potentially safer than MSCs.

Aegle was founded on the idea of using EVs isolated from bone marrow-derived MSCs as therapy. It is a way we see to capture the powerful healing potential of mesenchymal stem cells while reducing risk associated with MSC therapy. EV therapy can be administered both topically and as a local area injection. EVs can be stored safely for extended periods of time and easily transported.